Problems!!!, My Rabb is BIGGER than you

Alhamdulillah for today’s graceful,

Consciously or unconsciously, life is the transition from one problem to another problem. I realize that each of you has a unique problem and feel so damage by this. Want scream loudly, get stress and  frustration, runaway from the problem and some avoidance actions for going far from the problems.

Problems, if you could say… would you tell me? Why you come in and come out?. Exactly, I’m very headache in facing you, you’ve exhausted all of my strength as an ordinary human. I’ve no words for stopping you in my side. But, PLEASE LOOK AT DEAR PROBLEMS, how my Rabb always guide me for gaining you, for  executing you in best service, for saying great thanks to you, for generating the patient by yours, for being a persistence human although I want to say give up to you.

Okay, you may recognize that you’re big problems, but I have the most biggest of you. My Rabb is the biggest, and I think you also recognize it. Problems, would you mind being my best friends? in following my life steps so that I could be more carefully and always remember to MY BIGGEST one. Yaa Mutakabbir…You’re the greatest, Yaa ‘Aziz…You’re the strongest, Rabb..You’re the most powerful. Nothing happen in this world without Your purpose. While a leaf fall down to the earth is caused by Your purpose. My pardon if there’re many doubtful nest in myself. Only You could brighten me…Yaa Nuur.

Another day has gone by

Another moon, another sun

But Your Mercy always exist

I shouldn’t have walked away

I shouldn’t have closed my mind

Coz You’re always by my side

Let’s the problem flow in

Just be patient…it will flow out so far and become memory

Let’s the problem arrive

Just say Alhamdulillah…please don’t arrive to another ones

Just STAY here and be a friend of us.


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Iis Rasjeed
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