Rhapsody Of Ramadhan 1431H (lap 0-1 of 3)

Alhamdulillah Yaa Awwal,

Become new comer but old player in this society didn’t make me confusing in adapting myself cause there haven’t been much changes. I was really enjoy it.

Ramadhan in this year collapse on Wednesday, 11 August 2010. So, we’re saur (read : special breakfast for Ramadhan) in the early morning of Wednesday and took a part of Taraweeh on Tuesday evening.

Last year (2009), I took a part of my Taraweeh at Bank Indonesia Musjid, after finishing my works at my office and the quickly came to BI and I got final shaff. That wasn’t matter to me, just present and could do taraweeh for the first day is great mercy to me…thanks Rabb in giving me a chance for remembering You despite I was super busy with my work’s assignments.

But current year I’m very happy cause I’m not in hurry for reaching the taraweeh prime time, go slowly to Al-Falah and I reach the first shaff (mean : praying line)….Subhanallah.

As usual, in my home town after doing taraweeh men continue with tadarrus (read and correcting Qur’an together) and each women go home. Current condition is very different with several years ago, not too many young men come to Musjid for tadarrus..just in a few, and before the midnight it’s going to finish.

Talk about shaur (special breakfast in the early morning before getting fasting from shubuh until maghrib) off course it’s really better than prior years. The years where I became a boarding houser…”what an unforgettable memory in my spiritual journey”, become long story if I’d tell in this post one by one. Honestly, I never prepare the shaur because my respected mother always serve me every day and make me become first priority on her service…”Actually wonderful mom, and very thanks in this, let Rabb reply it with the best one”. She also wake up me and make me must get up from my changing bed (sometimes I sleep in my room and also in outside my room, depend on condition). I could stand with her voice repeatedly (ooooohhhh my ooooooh my, please stop, I know I must get up, just be patience please) and I only respond with “yes, wait for a while” (then I continue my sleeping). Until I got up she’ll visit my room frequently “yes, yes, yes, look at I’m get up”  then I went to bath room and took wudhu for praying, after that I ate. When my special breakfast finished I washed the plate and “friends” and never forget for washing my hands,  looked at my room and switch on the TV, before getting there I came around to refrigerator site in investigating is there any fruit in it?If unavailable I continued to my room and watch my favorite TV program for a while. When Imsak came I prepared for praying Shubuh at Musjid near my parent’s house.

What about for ifthar (fasting revocation)?, So is it, my mother prepared and served me, I just visited the kitchen and sat calmly wait for maghrib come. Somehow, I mixed my drinking with existing material. My mother said “what are you doing?, that’s completed at all, if you don’t have any activity just be calm”. Yah, I can’t sit sweetly, there must be something to be  done. After finishing my “small” ifthar I went to Musjid for jamaah praying. Praying was completed, then I backed home for continue my ifthar and took a shower. I updated the news from the TV channel and when Isya’ came I backed to Musjid.

!!! It’s Mercy Lap !!!

First lap of Ramadhan is Mercy Lap, it’s collapsed in the first 10 days. In this lap, there’re unbounded of Grace that Rabb given to HIS creature. Many variety of grace that we couldn’t explain in a brief expression. Yaa Rahman Yaa Rahim…You’re most gracious and merciful, please grant it not just for my family but also for people around me (such as : relative, neighbor, friends, inspired students and all of moslem in the world). Your mercies are covered in all of things. As an ordinary human, I realize that I always miss it, but You never forget in giving it. In Ar-Rahman surah has mentioned :”then, what’re Your Lord graces have been lied”. Forgive us Yaa Ghaffar, we always lie for Your graces. Grace that until right know we still remember with You, grace that always make us smile and laugh whenever and wherever, grace that we’re alive with the various problems inside, grace that sound us for being a better one and so on. Deeply thanks Yaa Wasi’…Your graces are unlimited.

In this lap, I’ve gotten several precious things, they are :

1. On August 15 (5 Ramadhan), together with my mother went to Musjid Jamik Bangkalan (biggest Musjid in this city) for taraweeh. Precious things I had gotten at that time : when we had completed our maghrib and ifthar. For waiting isya’ time I filled by reading Qur’an, Unexpectedly what I had been reading in that moment was same with the musjid murrotal. Subhanallah (my saying from the bottom of my heart), then I follow that murrotal by adapting my reading and learning more how the tajwid I might repair. After a while I told this to my mother and my mother said “what’s a wonderful thing”. So unbelievable and how can?. Until know, I haven’t gotten the meaning. Hopefully, that’s good sign in directing my life’s compass.

2. On August 16, conduct for Ifthaar together with my inspired students. There are some agendas, such as : watching  movie together (it’s karate  kid), praying together after small ifthar,make some games and gifts, and big iftahar presented. This event could be realized by cooperation both my mother and my students. For teaching them how to respect and care each other I made simple invitation and some of them distribute it respectively. I noticed them, please didn’t force him/her in fee if he/she didn’t have enough money, just asked them to come and didn’t care about the fee. I was sure the donation  collected will be enough for it. And after getting the donation from my students, I gave it to my mother in order to use for shopping to market. I asked her : If it wasn’t enough please payed it first, after arriving at house I’d change it. Off course my mother agreed. Beside shopped, she also cooked and what about me? (smile first…hehehehehe) I peeled the fruit and prepared the dishes (after my mother finishing cooked) and also (always) clean the house. Below the gallery of them :

Today's Agenda : Ifthaar Together

Watch karate kid movie

Let's Begin With Small Ifthaar

Maghrib On Jamaah

Let's for Big Ifthaar

While on preparation for maghrib praying, one of my student said to me : Mbak…., I : yes, what’s up, Ovie : Hasbi said that…, I : why Hasbi, vie’, Ovie : ah, I ‘m shy, I : Yah (I got in the house to put something), Ovie (by screaming said) : Hasbi said that mbak Iis look pretty if wear black shirt, I : (smile then continue entering the house) Oh Lord..maybe this is Fitnah…hahahahahahaha, kids oh kids.

3. Ramadhan insight that I’ve gotten from TV shows mentioned below :

– Three dimensions of Ramdhan : discipline, sensitivity and persistence. Sensitivity form social care, social care would build togetherness.

– Nowadays : Feel CLEVER, but NOT CLEVER to FEEL (Om Zainuddin MZ).

That’s all on this lap, insyaAllah to be continued to the next lap. Graceful Ramdhan, Reach out an internal rhapsody.

Rabbi Adkhilni Mudkhola Sidqi Waa Akhrijni Mukhroja Sidqi Wajalli Milladunka Sulthanan Nashiro, Rabb..please get me in  by the right way and get me out by the right way too..Amin .


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