Rhapsody of Ramadhan 1431H (Lap 0 of 3)

Alhamdulillah Yaa Mutakabbir,

Masjid Besar Al-Falah

After my “long journey” form one place to another place, in this year You’ve given me a special gift and wonderful grace. It is Ramadhan celebration in my home town, place which I’ve gotten religious knowledge for the first time and I’ve learn various things in it.

Over all of things that haven’t be solved perfectly, I’m exceptionally glad with this grace. Share with new community, learn from the elder ones and think deeply about previous steps I’ve done. No matter about the condition I’m facing right know. Hopefully, it’s part of your reminder for making us closer to You.

[Wonderful Voice around my soul] I could listen kids sound in praise Your name after finishing Taraweeh, they said “Yaa Arhaman Rahimin” repeatedly and then closing with Sholawaat. Past cogitations have presented in my current period. Without Your mercies I’m extremely sure that I couldn’t get all of these. Once, greatly thanks Rabb, please make us as grateful mankind whenever and wherever.

What else? Yah, I’ll tell in 3 laps, I hope this opening would trigger me in sharing and writing about precious things I’ve gotten since Ramdhan.

That’s all for lap opening, beg your pardon if there’re some mistakes I’ve done both intentionally or unintentionally. Happy Rhapsody of Ramadhan, hopefully our deeds are replied with the best one, Yaa Jazak Yaa Khobir…You’re great in reply and You’re great in precise. Please make it better for our shaum in this month.

“Taqabballahu Minna Waa Minkum Kullu ‘Amin Waa Antum Bikhoir, Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin”

-Bangkalan, Ramadhan 1431 H-


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