Valleys and Peaks

The expectation flow as a river

Just follow it, and stop it when  tired

Enjoy the scenery around it

Stop complaining

Just say with “Alhamdulillah”

Yaa Ghaniiy Yaa Mughniiy, I’m so poor but why I’m quite arrogant

Make it better…make it better…make it better, and guide me being a better than yesterday

When I’m at Valley, let me be a patient and sincere

But when I’m on Peak,  please remind me that it’s just deposit, at any time You could take it

For a conclusion : I just want to have book with title “Valleys and Peaks”, I had  read it in half  at Gunung Agung ATRIUM PLAZA, Jakarta a few days ago. Rabb, please bring this one to me. I’m lovin it.


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Iis Rasjeed
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