How Can I Trust You

Trust is hard to build and very easy to destroy

It is fundamental foundation in social interaction

Mistrust could happen every where in any time, why ? Just ask to your self and follow your heart

When trust is established inside, so many disturbance outside that make trust to be untrust, and very sorry for this uncomfortable situation

There are several things have been known

But no need for arguing or asking it

Let it express and flow

There’s no authority and authentication in mixing it

Just keep silent, and let the world prove it…who is being trustee or trusted?

Trust, is not about capability in giving good performance

But, absolutely how to declare the real situation has been faced bravely

No more statement

No more question

No more comment

No more No more No more

A more one, one more…..more more more

Lean on you now…lean on me now

Trust, please extent your zone in my self

So what?

Trust always oscillate around my self, sometimes gone far away…but sometimes so closely, Yaa Rasyid Yaa ‘alim … guide me in understanding this subject coz You know about me well.


Honestly, I want to complete in reading my Bushido, when I can finish it? I hope soon (thx my bro for the book).


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Iis Rasjeed
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