D’Morning Glory


Morning All, hope Allah will answer your expectation, Yaa Dhohir Yaa Bathin Yaa Mujiib make our wish come true…Amin Allahumma Amin.

Everybody may have different activities in the morning, and also different wish. But, final goal is how to make your day more motivated and valued, so that can bring the day with great achievements. And it’s started from MORNING.

According to me I could win the morning competition if I could do such activities :

– Get up in the early morning (before sun rising) or in last third of the night

– Go to Masjid, pray Shubuh together with my moslem’s comrade

– Take the tilawah together with them then followed with my self

– Go home, watch TV program that provide religion session. It’s like spirit’s flush for me, could fertilize my mind and then motivated my day and reduce my life pessimistic. Spirit! just come to me, don’t let me GIVE UP…Allah yaa Dzal Jalali Wal Ikram, please keep this spirit and enrich it with your grace.

– Take exercise by cycling or walk around the farm…so fresh, green and make my healthy become better.

– Clean the house by listening the musics or watching TV program related to current issued.

These’re morning battles, let’s reach the crown and win this competition….are you ready?


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