Our Action In SURAMADU Bridge

The abbreviation of SURAMADU is SURABAYA-MADURA. Talking about it can’t be apart form the Bridge. The exist of SURAMADU bridge give positive impacts in  transportation sector, and so…if transportation is easy then another sector could be okay. Prior transportation support is by Ferry, if people from Madura will go to Surabaya they must go to Ujung Port  at Kamal then it will dock at Perak Port, Surabaya. From this port you could  continue your destination  in Surabaya by existing transportation,  like : bus, becak (pedicab) and another public transportation. And what about public transportation from Surabaya to Madura, not specific transportation just private vehicle that changed as public transportation. In recent years, there’re mini bus from Kamal to Bangkalan-Sampang-Pamekasan and Sumenep. How much the fare? I’m sorry, until now I haven’t known but if you need the information about it I could ask to my friends or neighbor.

If you will come to Madura through Suramadu bridge you could go to Purabaya terminal, looking for bus to Madura. Before, you must determine your destination in Madura, if you want go to Sampang, Pamekasan or Sumenep you could stay cool in the bus cause usually it will stop at fork of  second traffic light after exiting from Suramadu Bridge (there’re 2 traffic lights after exit door from Surabaya to Madura, the first traffic light is such crossroad, and the second is fork).

Hope this guide is useful for Madura tracking, and if you find any confusion you could ask to me through this blog.

Synchronize my content with the tittle above, as a part of Madura community, go travel through Suramadu bridge to Surabaya is an ordinary thing, so I needn’t have take a picture cause almost every day I enjoy the scenery around it the fresh water, the blue of sky and sea, up and down of sea wave…”Subhanallah Walhamdulillah” it’s absolutely beautiful and natural. But it rather different if the passers are people come from outside Madura, they will amaze see the carpet of bridge, then take a picture for giving a prove to their friend or family that they’ve passed Suramadu bridge.

This condition also happen to my friends who have visited or stopped to my house. Some of my friends who come from Jakarta stop on Suramadu and the take a picture in many poses…”What a shame” (hahahahahhahahaa). With my friends I’ve taken picture for twice a Suramadu bridge, first session with my classmate when we’re in same major at University, the second is with my islamic spirituality’s friend who bring another friends from her office because they will attend the wedding ceremony at Bangkalan, one of the spouse is my senior at Senior High School…”What a narrow world”. Below are our action On SURAMADU bridge :

Solidarity Forever

Nia with Her DEPAG's Friends

Notes :

@ Ncek : please send another photos in softcopy as promised, send to my house…don’t forget!

@ Mbak Yuli : nice to meet you, very kind people and thanks being a photographer for our narcissistic

@ Andrie : nice to meet you, please clarify to your girl friend that this photo just a leisure…(it’s caused by Mbak Yuli act as Paparazi)

@ Nia : Welcome and happy enjoy Friend, one day you must spent the nights in my parent’s house

Anyone who never come to Madura, just welcome and enjoy the natural scenery and maybe it will my third…fourth…fifth…(so on) in taking picture in Suramadu. Hope I’m not be a super model of  Suramadu Bridge (just kidding!!!!)


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2 Responses to Our Action In SURAMADU Bridge

  1. riyadi2405 says:

    anginya gak kenceng ya bro??
    salam knal,…

  2. IUR says:

    Yoa…Jembatan SURAMADU, klo anginnya kenceng jalur motor ditutup coz bs terbang ke laut ntar tuh mtr, klo buat mobil mah msh dibuka kok.

    Salam kenal balik Bro.

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