Notes From Mr. F.X Hadi @Motivatalk

(see him again)

In advertently, I watch some of private TV stations and finally I stop my choice at MHTV channel. I see Bayu Sutiono become the moderator of the program. The name of program is MOTIVATALK, while become the resource person is Mr. F.X Hadi, one of my lecturer at Binus Business School when I was in the second semester, he teach Marketing Fundamental. Good lecturer that can open our insight about the reality of business world, motivate and inspiring us and give us a simple perception about the future and how to build it. He said that “future is on your hands, not on parent’s hands”…so what kind of future you will design and reach, fully is on you. Go moving on, patient, persistence, managing well, exit from comfort zone boldly, emotional balancing, do little thing which enjoy in it, research about your hobby “could it be a potential business in market” (these are based on me).

At that moment, the topic is about a  Professional Manager roles. As said by him, the main task of manager is how to make PROFIT. But the ways how to make profit is not easy, there’re some tactic and strategic planning have to be done. By this, the manager’s tasks are expanded in 4 core activities :

1. PLAN, make a simple plan to realize your business, first step is very important in triggering your spirit and increase business’ spirit. If we’re a beginner in this field, waste the shame! try..try..and try ! Train your business skill by looking around…”is there any opportunities?” ! don’t look at the outcome but LOOK AT THE PROCESS!. You’ll feel that starting is not easy if you couldn’t force out your self for 1 step.

2. DO, then execute your plan based on rules have been determined before

3. CHECK, continually do checking…is there any missing execution? if so, let’s do evaluation and revise it

4. ACTION, then execute again and make sure the mistakes could be eliminated.

And how to deliver your business :

1. Give it to “which need”

2. Give it to “which capable”

3. Give it to “Which would”

If  there aren’t needs, ability and desire so you need for evaluating the business…is this suitable with current market?.

Wish it useful, not only for the respected reader but also for me who still in beginner in this field. Rabb, give Your blessing for each steps I’ll do and guide me with Your science. I wish other’s mistakes and failures could be guide and alarm from me….InsyaAllah.


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