I do not know what should I write in. Just practice skill and I hope I could commit in this field. Little but consistent. No wonder what kind of writing will be poured into cause practice make perfect. Practice become a start step in future designation.

So..what kind of thinking you’ve in it? Actually, I don’t know cause many things are saved in my mind. Yaa Dhohir Yaa Bathin, You know what I’ve stated and saved in my heart or mind, if You permit these please Yaa Mujib grant it and make me become a thanks  human, but if  You haven’t granted it to us please strengthen our patient and make us become sincere human.

Thanks Rabb, You’ve permitted me in writing for this personal declaration of thinking. Guide  and alert me if  I’m wrong or don’t know.

/* Alhamdulillah for Pleasant and Happiness You’ve given to us, please give it to athers too, If not cause Your BOUNTY and GRACE (as mentioned  in An-Nuur Surah) very impossible I could express it */

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Iis Rasjeed
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