My Name IS Khan…Quite Excellent Movie

Dear All,

Just want to give my opinion and simple review about this movie. Yesterday, I watched this at my house from my DVD player. I bought this in Siola, Surabaya. At the first sight, I think this movie is collaboration between hollywood and bollywood which portion dominated by hollywood.

But, but and BUT, after watching it…ouw ouw ouw it makes me speechless for the arguments, I just can say “Quite Good”. This film is stared by Sahrukh Khan and Kajool. I like them  coz their.

Why I say this is an excellent movie :

– Introduce about Indian culture and promote it with strengths and weakness its have

– Peaceful and how to distribute it by doing small thing we can

– Distinct behavior as religious human and also social human

– Patient and persistent in doing jobs/tasks that given. I watched how great Mr. Khan in selling product from his little brother’s company, very excellent…”IT’S REAL MARKETING”, indirectly the audiences are learned how to promote their product, A man is like Mr.Khan could do this, why we’re better condition than him couldn’t that….”InsyaAllah” (with mode Mr.Khan accent)

– Sincere  love that Mr.Khan give to his wife, I think not to much statement with real of  evidences. He could accept the weaknesses of his wife and consider her son become his son, and he give his name become the last name of her son

– My name is Khan (he say not “Kan”, but “Khan”….it’s talk to the world about the right pronunciation..good TAJWID sir)., and I’m not a terrorist. It tell to the world that Islam IS NOT TERRORIST. Islam is RAHMATAL LIL ‘ALAMIN (The mercies for all the world)

– and so on (many things I’ve learned from this movie…I’ll watch this movie again).


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